Hi! I am Teresa.

Teresa Stack Hunter

As a former journalist turned freelance writer with two decades of experience, I have a passion for helping others communicate effectively online. I deliver strong copy and persuasive content for my clients, so they can focus on the thing that matters most to them - scaling their business.

From large law firms to individuals in finance, my clients all have one thing in common - they need to reach and connect with their target audience successfully.

Before a client can do so, they must first be able to be found online. Hiring a professional writer is a critical first step because Google continually refines its search algorithms of search engine optimization (SEO) and tighten results as a means to combat poor content.

As a professional writer, I create premium content of the highest quality that is relevant and useful - both critical factors in capturing readership and increasing your website's online visibility.

And remember, ranking high on SEO means nothing if your target audience finds no value in what you have on offer.

SEO is not something accomplished with tricks or hacks - it is hard earned through consistently doing the following things:

  • Deliver premium content of the highest quality that is both relevant and useful. When you hold to the highest of standards, it will speak volumes for your business.
  • Keep your writing conversational and relatable - keyword stuffing does nothing for SEO and is a massive turnoff for readers.
  • Focus on people first. Now more than ever, readers crave connection, so give them what they want. Building a genuine connection with your target audience should be priority number one because, without this relationship, there is no business.

I will create the clear and compelling online content you need to attract new customers, increase readership, and scale your business.

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