About Teresa

I was a writer long before ever studying journalism or interning at Smithsonian Books. I earned my first byline at nineteen, and have been passionate about putting pen to paper ever since.

Communicating thoughts and ideas can expand the minds of others, and in turn, change the world. A well-crafted story, blog post, or article can persuade and enlighten readers - and when needed, can move a target audience to action.

I love creating authentic premium content for my clients. From writing hard-hitting news articles on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs to ghostwriting persuasive copy for a tech CEO, I love the work I do.

My work can be found at The College Investor, Psychology Today, DrugReport.com, and Thrive Global. I also ghostwrite for a couple of highly recognized bloggers in personal finance and a prominent psychotherapist in NYC.

I previously worked for the Department of Treasury, where I served as the writer/editor for Under Secretary of Enforcement Ronald K. Noble and Under Secretary of Enforcement Raymond W. Kelly. Treasury Enforcement oversees the U.S. Secret Service, the ATF, FinCEN, U.S. Customs, and OFAC - the work was intense, challenging, and often high-pressured.

I also spent years as a journalist in Metropolitan Washington, where I had the opportunity to interview politicians, foreign dignitaries, and policymakers. The years spent in Washington, D.C. sharpened my writing and research skills - and left me a shrewd judge of character!

If you are in the market for a professional writer, I would love to chat. Whether you need persuasive blog posts or informative web content, I will use my decades of experience to deliver well-crafted premium material.

As a former journalist, I guarantee my ethics, a sharp focus on even the smallest of details, and the ability to exceed deadlines.

Teresa Stack Hunter