Generation Z Are Well Informed And Conscientious

Understand That Gen Z Is Well Informed And Conscientious

When my 19 year old son Declan woke me with a "hey Mom, are you awake?" at one in the morning, I knew it was something important. We keep a fairly unconventional schedule and value open communication in our home, so early morning conversations over coffee are pretty common.

What made this one special though, is that my very introverted and soft spoken son had woken me from sleep to discuss the Iowa caucus results - or lack thereof.

Declan was very concerned about the obvious errors and inconsistencies with the results. My son is a deep thinker, and his concern over the upcoming election is genuine. Things like wealth disparity and taxation are occupying his thoughts of late.

Declan is also very aware of corporate and political corruption, and what it costs the American people. Other issues he seems moved by, include the profitability of private prisons and green energy.

I share this recent early morning conversation on LinkedIn, because I think too often Gen Z is written off as self absorbed and too preoccupied with social media and video games. That they are somehow not dialed in on issues that really matter today.

Do not underestimate Gen Z. This generation is informed, well read, and conscientious - and most importantly, they intend to vote in 2020.


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