Gen Z Are Savvy Consumers That Place A High Premium On Authenticity

Gen Z Are Savvy Consumers That Place A High Premium On Authenticity

My youngest daughter Matilda just turned 13, and recently grew enough to need new clothes. We were on Nordstrom Rack online, and I found a nice sweatshirt on clearance. My daughter said “No labels mom, I told you, I don’t advertise for anyone!”

At 13, this kid has it figured out!

As a content writer paid to elevate brand awareness, I am quick to remind clients that what inspired Millennials will likely fall on deaf ears with Gen Z. This is because the latter is inspired by authenticity, so their buying habits are driven by real people and companies they can get behind.

Like how my name brand sweatshirt snubbing daughter makes exceptions to brand advertising - most notably, TOMS Shoes. The navy blue canvas uppers of her much loved shoes are well worn and faded, but she still recalls how her purchase triggered a pair being donated to someone in need.

Already a savvy researcher, Matilda does not hesitate to commit to brands like TOMS Shoes, as they clearly align with her values.

Ads don't phase her, and celebrity endorsements don't move her. For Matilda, brand loyalty must be genuinely earned on a holistic level.

Gen Z consumers are a well informed and opinionated bunch - if you want to reach them, remember that authenticity drives their decisions.


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