Well Composed Blog Posts Can Lead To Elevated Brand Awareness

Well Composed Blog Posts Can Lead To Elevated Brand Awareness

I received an email from a potential client today, and her biggest concern was whether or not a blog would make a difference to her company's bottom line in 2020.

I assured her that when done well, a blog will optimally educate and engage consumers, and can even put a brand on the map.

If you too are curious on this matter, here are a few tips to increase the likelihood of creating a successful blog:

- Provide compelling and useful content that speaks to what matters most to the target audience. This is where homework counts - simple audience analysis should be a top priority from the start.

- Only create blog posts that bring something new, interesting or useful to the table. The internet is cluttered and noisy - don't publish useless fluff.

- Connect with readers on an emotional level, and engage them by writing in an authentic voice - in the digital age, this is hugely important.

- And lastly, don't short change the target audience with skimpy posts - long form blog posts are popular in marketing for a reason. Research states that blog posts of 1500+ words receive 68% more tweets and 22% more Facebook likes.

So yes, a blog can do wonders for your company's bottom line. All it takes is audience analysis, well researched topics, and solidly written posts.


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